There are dark purple spots on the hairless parts of Get Slots Casino. Muddy foam with an admixture of blood is released from the oral and nasal cavities. In the abdominal and chest cavities, an accumulation of serous-hemorrhagic exudate is detected, most of the parenchymal organs are affected.

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The corpses are swollen and quickly decompose. The pathoanatomical changes observed in enterotoxemia caused by C. perfringens type C are characterized by subcutaneous infiltration, swelling of the kidneys, cherry color of their parenchyma, pinpoint hemorrhages and ulcerations under the capsule, small necrotic foci in the liver and mesenteric lymph nodes. The mucous membrane of the scar and duodenum can be hyperemic, covered with hemorrhages, ulcerative lesions of the mucous membrane of the small intestine are noted.


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Enterotoxemia caused by C. perfringens type D is characterized by hemorrhagic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the small intestine, accumulation of exudate in the abdominal cavity, softening of casino online, which acquires a soft, gelatinous, mushy consistency several hours after death (especially common in lambs), and pulmonary edema.


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Diagnosis and differential diagnosis. The diagnosis of infectious enterotoxemia is made on the basis of a comprehensive study: epizootological data, results of a clinical examination, pathoanatomical autopsy and laboratory tests.

Laboratory diagnostics makes it possible not only to differentiate infectious enterotoxemia from similarly occurring diseases, but also to determine the type of pathogens, which is of decisive importance in the fight against the disease.

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Pathological material must be taken no later than 3. 4 hours after the death of the animal. The following are sent to the laboratory: corpses of lambs, altered segments of the small intestine with contents, altered sections of the abomasum, parenchymal organs, lymph nodes, subcutaneous tissue infiltrate, tubular bone, exudate from the abdominal cavity.

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Determination of the type of toxin C. Pe r fringens.

Infectious enterotoxemia must be differentiated from bradzot, necrotizing hepatitis, anthrax, pasteurellosis, listeriosis, poisoning. The results of laboratory tests are of decisive diagnostic importance in the differentiation of enterotoxemia.

Immunity and specific prophylaxis. Animals that have been ill with anaerobic enterotoxemia acquire intense and long-term antitoxic immunity. However, given that the percentage of such animals is low and all ill sheep are culled, this circumstance has no practical significance. In stationary dysfunctional farms, vaccines and sera are used to create immunity.

Prevention, Treatment & Recovery

Apply also twice with an interval of 30. 45 days. Immunity tension 10. 12 months. Various associated preparations are also used, which include C. perfringens toxoid of the corresponding types. For passive specific prevention and treatment of infectious enterotoxemia and anaerobic dysentery of lambs, in addition to vaccines, antitoxins are used.xic serum.

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The system of disease prevention in farms should be based on the creation of a high veterinary and sanitary culture of sheep farms - compliance with animal welfare standards, provision of good feeding, elimination and prevention of predisposing factors, implementation of a complex of specific immunoprophylaxis and therapeutic and preventive measures.

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For prophylactic purposes, all livestock of animals are vaccinated, starting from the age of 3 months, and pregnant queens - 1.1.5 months before lambing or transfer of animals to pastures, forcedly - at any time of the year.

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Casino Online, it is forbidden to carry out a haircut, cutting of tails (amputation) for 2 weeks, since at this time sheep are susceptible to various wound infections.

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